The Fauci Emails
8 dagar sedan
The Genius of Robin Williams
MrDzver 21 timme sedan
NDT is one of the most pretentious 'intellectuals' around, simply because he doesn't know, something does not mean that he requires to explain it away and try to obfuscate evidence and promote a discrediting tactic. Why is so difficult for this individual to simply just state for the fact that he doesn't know what the objects in the image are? by the way fuzzy monochromatic videos are not simply that, they are infra red/tv videos/images taken by highly sophisticated electro optical onboard equipment, and when I say onboard equipment, this equipment is on board a military aircraft, of which budget is by far the highest in the world.
DRD DRD 21 timme sedan
Why are we also pretending that this is the worst pandemic in a century? Approx 1.5 million people every year around the globe from tuberculosis.
Z Z 21 timme sedan
It sure seems like China is having their way with us at the moment. Our number one concern, and the conversation we should be having right now should be how to handle the CCP. Not just gain of function research, but beyond that, into how to handle the problem of China.
Riding with Brad
Riding with Brad 21 timme sedan
This ia absolutely horrible.. Damn Jeff i knew you was a heartless person but this is insane. You wonder why some of your employees doesn't what to kill themselves anymore. I dont blame them this is slavery.
Mr R
Mr R 21 timme sedan
I delivered. And half the people paid me the other half paid the company. It was a good high school job.
Logan 99
Logan 99 21 timme sedan
Lucky Red
Lucky Red 21 timme sedan
All successful business models are dependent on profit. If you don’t like amazon crushing the goal, create, build, and sustain a competitive model, or shut up.
Collin Rowe
Collin Rowe 21 timme sedan
When krystal says “you are certainly more of a capitalist than I am.” Don’t let her fool you, her net worth is north of 40 million dollars…
Logan 99
Logan 99 21 timme sedan
If you guys think this information is amazing take a look at John E Hoover channel on SEmost!
Colechamdiceman 21 timme sedan
Her: 'This is so bad for black and brown people' Joe: 'Do they target them?' Her: 'No they target everyone but I'm only pointing out or worried about the black and brown' Joe: 'Yeah, I can see that...'
Julien Berndt
Julien Berndt 21 timme sedan
All joe rogans intellectual dark web crew dont come on anymore. They are doing great with their own platforms. Whats left are the scraps
jonnie rosmaryn
jonnie rosmaryn 21 timme sedan
I had a job where they wouldn’t let me shower or see my family for a month. i also had to sleep outside in the sand/dirt and it would rain on us and my stuff would be frozen in the morning. i only had one meal a day and if i didn’t go i would go to jail.
Joe Cobra Channel
Joe Cobra Channel 21 timme sedan
I never give a penny to Amazon. just use eBay instead.
Chukylulo 21 timme sedan
OMG this woman is Wonder Woman hot.
DRD DRD 21 timme sedan
Why are we still pretending this leaked accidentally?
Chad Bird
Chad Bird 21 timme sedan
There are no black Panthers in texas. Optical illusion, it's a mountain lion but at night they look black. But that's the hair grain, but they are actually brown
Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz 21 timme sedan
Ironically, those of us who have been searching for our own independent information on the covid situation from alternative media sources rather than simply trusting the known liars in MSM - have known all of this for over a year now. See sites like OffGuardian, Global Research, Children's Health Defense, and Mercola's site to see what American media is just finally "discovering," but many of us knew about months ago.
J Snel
J Snel 21 timme sedan
Also, it's not about time but about work hours. One person working for a year is way different than five people working for a year. I am curious how many work hours were put into the covid vaccine, not how much time from when they started to when it was produced.
A.R.T. Inc.
A.R.T. Inc. 21 timme sedan
I found this video and found it jaw-dropping...UNITED STATES Inc. vs. America ~ LORD BUSH - SPITS THE TRUTH TO HIS SLAVES - TO STUPID TO CARE.
R J 21 timme sedan
Its all about money?? Of course it is. Its a business. The reason it exists is to make money. The ONLY reason they put all that BLM crap up is they wanted to jump on the bandwagon and not get negative press. If it falls out of favor or some legal implications arise they will be among the first to rip it all down.
TheHuto 21 timme sedan
there have been videos of guys like laowhy86 etc. exactly explaining this situation 1 year year ago, its unfathomably crazy to me that clown media in us is only now talking about this
Lord Fezerellii
Lord Fezerellii 21 timme sedan
Omg stop these BS topics no one cares about Covid 19. We dont come here to learn we come to feast on memes and supreme content.
AAAmar 21 timme sedan
Man, shoulda just cut out everything she said there super annoying
Dick Truesay
Dick Truesay 21 timme sedan
Allen Lewis
Allen Lewis 21 timme sedan
Dairy Queen?
Ali Warsame
Ali Warsame 21 timme sedan
I worked for Amazon for 3 weeks delivering packages. I did what I want, when I wanted it. The minute they called me when I went to an off route gas station to use the bathroom is when I drove back and gave them the keys and quit. Fuck them
Carl Martel
Carl Martel 21 timme sedan
People need to watch "Unlocked" released in 2017, Michael Douglas makes some very interesting comments near the end (1hr:25min mark "legalizing what is needed for the next time")...and how this relates to what is happening today
Mario L
Mario L 21 timme sedan
"America bad, china goooood" --Fentanyl Dragon
DennisTheMenace 21 timme sedan
Joe stay complaining about homeless people .. goddamn how about you start lobbying for them or go out there and do something yourself
S H 21 timme sedan
Americans are so caught up in consumerism that if you told them "warehouse workers will get treated more fairly but your package will arrive a day late" they will freak tf out
Goo 21 timme sedan
Liberal joe NO MORE! Hahah
Harvey Polanski
Harvey Polanski 21 timme sedan
Unions. The answer is unions. Europe already figured that out. So did 1950's America before big business captured the federal government and our legal system.
Brando Johnsa
Brando Johnsa 21 timme sedan
Now everyone has balls to talk about it. Cowards.
Mark Van Doren
Mark Van Doren 21 timme sedan
Again, are these workers like Uyghurs slaves? Are they forced to work there? No. The real question is the value of non-skilled workers and treatment. You can argue that without them, Amazon would not be a billion dollar company. If Amazon does not protect those assets, guess what - quit.
jon3voltas 21 timme sedan
Is the Spotify original all out of A/V sync?? This is amateur grade quality.
J Snel
J Snel 21 timme sedan
I got sick after my shot. My mom, who is a 69 year old stroke victim with little mobility and a heart condition, didnt get sick. Neither did my wife. For me, one night of feeling like crap to help keep my wife and my mom, who is high risk, from getting actual covid is worth it. I know three people who died from covid, and two who are younger and have had long term side effects. Note: I typically dont get the flu vaccine. I havent gotten sick in decades.
T Money
T Money 21 timme sedan
Ok. …so….what’s next? China knew what they were doing, sent 300,000 Chinese globally after the immediate outbreak. …they get a pass?
Cierra 21 timme sedan
Why Israel give fauci a million dollars?
Jon P
Jon P 21 timme sedan
Y'think this is something, wait til we circle back to the election results. You can take the red pill now, or bite the pillow cuz it's going to be a suppository.
Tdizzle 21 timme sedan
No goodbye tom youre fucked💀
Gabester64 21 timme sedan
Joe, look into Oscar el Blue YT an FB page. A lot of information on whats going on on the south border and latin america immigration. Of course if you want to. I think youll be apalled of the things going on.
Cierra 21 timme sedan
All because Trump said it it was dismissed.
Full Dottle
Full Dottle 21 timme sedan
Trump should patent "vindication"! 🤷🏼‍♂️
Leo Cruz
Leo Cruz 21 timme sedan
She’s hot . Nice arms
michael smith
michael smith 21 timme sedan
2-3k homeless in Austin whatever dude there is alot more than that.
Larisssa Cantú
Larisssa Cantú 21 timme sedan
This girl is so annoying 😂
Jack Metzger
Jack Metzger 21 timme sedan
Heroin doesn't make you euphoric..?Yeah cause all these addicts are addicted to sleep. Joe.. just stop. Always misleading people
Trevor Lahey
Trevor Lahey 21 timme sedan
This lady is annoying
Pedro Jim
Pedro Jim 21 timme sedan
Let's not forget that Donald Trump KNEW how DEADLY this virus was and let Americans think it was just the flu! He is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country. DO NOT FORGET THAT!
Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz 21 timme sedan
This isn't really about China, it's about global oligarchy controlling The WHO, all MSM, all the institutions of global neoliberal capitalism, the World Economic Forum, Gates and the whole "foundation" system of money laundering oligarchic influence into controlling global institutions, etc. As always "follow the money" - the Uber-wealthy have become much wealthier over the last year while the 99% have been hammered by the "lockdowns."
Katame 21 timme sedan
Clown world is real
SalKhayer 21 timme sedan
Disclaimer: Not an American. Not gonna lie, this Crenshaw dude only got my attention with the eyepatch last time he was on. But with salient points and intelligence, why doesn't he get more shine in the media instead of fucking Marjorie Taylor Greene?
Amoneyyy 21 timme sedan
Men work women should stick to raising healthy, well mannered children . Apart of the problem we face is women have abandoned their purpose & trying to be activist for a country they had no hand in building
Cesar Ortega
Cesar Ortega 21 timme sedan
Can we have him on another video too? And the lady please 🥺
Vince Calibur
Vince Calibur 21 timme sedan
why doesnt anybody starting setting these corrupt CNN buildings ablaze
Charles Bolen
Charles Bolen 21 timme sedan
Drew McMahon
Drew McMahon 21 timme sedan
Can someone explain to me why fauci and dazack aren't currently on trial? Wtf is going on?
Real American
Real American 21 timme sedan
I don't know how you couldn't think this from the beginning because the virus came from one of the very few places that have a lab that deals with coronaviruses. That's a huge coincidence and there is no coincidences.
Michael Maccallum
Michael Maccallum 21 timme sedan
After everything we are still giving opinions based on The NY Times?
Ad Min
Ad Min 22 timmar sedan
Why is this channel not banned by the youtube? I thought it was not allowed to talk about a bioweapon
K F 22 timmar sedan
lets throw fauci under the bus to support that there is a virus since people arent lining up to take the vax lol
BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid 22 timmar sedan
Ain't nobody gonna do shit about this because it's extremely convenient to the masses. The turnover rate is ridiculous, if people stop applying there then Amazon will crash. Bezos makes more $ in an *hour* then most Americans do in a *year*
E Jackson
E Jackson 22 timmar sedan
The people who were saying all this last spring were said to be crazy, they were RIGHT but the MEDIA is in the TANK for the woke Marxist mob 💔
USA Patriotsareus
USA Patriotsareus 22 timmar sedan
Mr. Cena deeez nuts
Thanos 22 timmar sedan
Here in Edmonton the amazon warehouse yeg1 is the Amazon's biggest warehouse in NA. I noticed they are all Filipino, east Indian, some smaller Asian countries. Maybe a few white people.
luis chacon
luis chacon 22 timmar sedan
Yeah they are in Castroville Texas too.
Bittrees7 22 timmar sedan
No coincidence either that the genes are HIV like and Fauci admits no one has studied or had more to do with HIV than Him. One of the few other viruses that can transmit from animals to humans.
Jonny Jonjon
Jonny Jonjon 22 timmar sedan
George Carlin is laughing in heav.... well, not heaven but somewhere
Ruth Pinder
Ruth Pinder 22 timmar sedan
Racism is a lot like war it'll only end when you die because sometimes people that look different than you are so God damn stupid
TheDogFather 22 timmar sedan
Russian Botstein
Russian Botstein 22 timmar sedan
Joe really needs to get Dr Pierre Cory on the podcast to show the world the power of Ivermectin
robert spivey
robert spivey 22 timmar sedan
Good to see Krystal and Saggar on here. Gives huge credibility to all of you guys. Thanks Joe.
The Six Angel Cried Out
The Six Angel Cried Out 22 timmar sedan
even if these guys are right. Nobody gives a shit and that is sad.
tom smith
tom smith 22 timmar sedan
Shop local for as long as it’s still available
G Bo
G Bo 22 timmar sedan
Amoneyyy 22 timmar sedan
People have to work I’m order to feed they family lady take care of your kids & family
Olly Nowak
Olly Nowak 22 timmar sedan
The guy is a weirdo I took a bunch of ket and I was partying on till 7am what’s he talking about breathing for ahahhahsh
Vanessa Vaughn
Vanessa Vaughn 22 timmar sedan
They did it to get rid of Trump